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Если у вас есть вопросы или предложения, связанные с деятельностью блога «Recyclable Sounds», пишите на raigmusic@hotmail.com

I have been receiving a growing number of submissions for reviews. This is very exciting and I do my best to cover as many releases as I can. But as «Recyclable Sounds» is a non-professional zine and I’m its one and only writer, please consider the following things when you’re submitting an album for review:

1. Your music should fall into the Psychedelic, Progressive, Heavy Rock subgenres.

2. Your album should be released within six months of the submit date.

3. The priority is given to the albums submitted on physical CD or vinyl. So, if you want to get a review for sure, please ask for a postal address.

4. It doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to unsolicited digital submissions, but a chance that it will be reviewed is very slim… sorry for that.

Any music submitted to «Recyclable Sounds» is intended for the sole purpose of promotional use only.

Igor G.

2 комментария:

  1. Hi

    Please could you send me an address so i can submit my band for a review. thanks

  2. Hello Igor,

    We are a four-piece, label-less psych / blues rock band from Vienna and we just released our first studio album via Bandcamp. Maybe it inspires you to write a review about it?

    Here is a download code so you can check for yourself: 7dmx-u9ur
    redeem it here: https://samsarajoyride.bandcamp.com/yum

    If you give us our adress I can send you a CD as well.
    Our E-Mail: samsara.joyride@gmail.com

    Have fun listening!